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Why I Decided To "Lay on the Couch" & What It Did for Me

Updated: May 9, 2020

My 20s felt like I was losing complete control of my life. Home life, financial life, work life, romantic life, social life, and spiritual life all felt like they were spiraling out of control. One would think with completing my graduate program and obtaining a full time job quickly after graduation and having such an amazing family and core group of friends and an endless social life I would be happy. However that was NOT the case. As a Social Worker, I knew something didn’t feel right within myself but hey I had my masters ::snaps fingers:: so I thought “I got this”. However with years going by I realized “Nope I don’t got it”. So I decided like anyone else I began to WebMD and google my way to “cure” myself. Thankfully with more professional experience, knowledge and a total meltdown after a party; yes a party I decided to go and “lay on that couch” aka go to therapy and then my life changed.

Engaging in therapy was one of the best decisions I made for myself. I was blessed to connect with an amazing, knowledgeable and empathetic therapist. For a year, once a week then bi weekly towards the end I went to therapy and I talked and I talked and talked.

Here’s why I LOVED therapy:

- One hour, once a week it was all about ME. Not my students, clients, customers, family or friends, just ME. My #1 Self-Care Technique

- Although my friends mean well and want the absolute best for me they aren’t professionals and even the ones that are in the moment they are listening to me as my friend and provides me with advice and their perspective from a friendship aspect which is of course a good thing but not what I NEEDED. I loved having someone who didn’t know me, didn’t owe me anything and knew the thought provoking questions to ask even if it was uncomfortable

- Judgement free zone just like Planet Fitness. My therapist was all ears for everything nothing was off limits and she took it all as if it was nothing

- I went to therapy thinking I knew exactly what I was going to talk about however my plan quickly changed and it felt good. It taught me to be flexible and go with the flow which I was not good at

- It was like reading my autobiography on a weekly/biweekly basis. I learned A LOT about me. I became more aware of who I am, what I like, what my faults are and the areas I needed to focus on more

- Therapy taught me to express myself...no holds bar! Now I strive to not hold anything in anymore so either you are going to hear it or my journal will BUT it’s getting out.

If you are contemplating therapy, I encourage you to make an appointment you won’t know if it’s for you unless you try it out.

*Btw...you don't really lay on a couch :)

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