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Summer Summer Summertime!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Summertime Fun for YOU!

Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you should always find time to do something for yourself. Between your roles and responsibilities I know it is hard to imagine squeezing in time for yourself. However, I challenge you to not let Summer 2019 come and go with you not doing something for YOU.

Self-care is something we all need to practice regularly. Practicing self-care can improve our confidence, and makes us more effective for those around us. When the weather is warm, getting outside is a must! So take a few self-care ideas from this list and make the most of this summer.

1) Vacay Time

Change of scenery is a necessity in refueling energy and refreshing your mind. Vacations are a great time to relax, relieve stress, catch up on sleep, eat good, and enjoy life. Whether you are going to Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Jamaica, Hawaii, Paris, or Greece vacations are a time to enjoy the beauty of life. However I know financially going away is not always an option. So plan a stay-cation and explore your city. Visit your local museum, park, beach, casino, shopping mall, amusement park, garden, or food festival there are many options right in your own city.

2) Work It Out

Go for a ten-minute walk or jog, stretch a bit or simply do 10 jumping jacks, keep your body moving. Keeping your body active is good for your mind, body and soul.

3) Pamper Yourself

Spending some time taking care of you. Treat yourself to a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial etc. Pampering yourself gives you a moment where you are not caring for anyone else but YOURSELF which tends to not be a regular occurrence in our busy lives. While you are pampering yourself, try a digital detox; no electronics, social media, emails nothing just spend time relaxing.

4) Strengthen your mental health

Mental health is related to the way you feel about yourself, your life and the world around you. Having a strong sense of self, positive outlook on life and the world will allow you to live of life of happiness and joy even on your rough days. Strengthen your mental health by practicing meditation, mindfulness, journaling, writing gratitude list, read a good book, listening to podcast etc.

5) Enhance/Create your Sacred Place

Take time this summer to create a sacred place in your home and if you have one already change it up. Your sacred place should be a space where you feel comfortable, safe, at peace and happy. Your sacred place can be your couch, your porch, your steps, your bed, your kitchen, and/or your bathroom; it’s where ever you want it to be. Creating my sacred place is my task this summer- can’t wait to share it with you.

6) Spend time outdoors

We dream about the summer heat all winter so why not enjoy it to its fullest. Pick an outdoor activity that brings you joy and happiness and go out and ENJOY! Whether it’s biking, swimming, picnicking, exercising, barbecuing, tanning, fishing, golfing, brunching take time this summer to enjoy yourself whether its alone or with family and friends. Bask in the Sunshine!

"Every summer has a story…………….

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