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Achieving Serenity in the Midst of the Life's Storm

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”. – Author Unknown

There still is beauty in the midst of a storm

Our day to day lives can be extremely hectic with work, children, significant others, families, businesses, school, and so much more. We can feel like we are being pulled to and from which can be pretty overwhelming. We hear all about the importance of self-care, keeping calm, and not stressing which really sounds good but how do we do all of that when we can’t walk away from the chaos of our everyday lives. Believe it or not; despite what you have going on, serenity can still be achieved even if only for a moment.

Here are five ways to achieve serenity in the midst of life’s storms:


Smile and laugh at my pain? Really? I know it seems a bit odd but looking at the brighter side and staying positive in the midst of your adversities can bring some a sense of peace and/or relief even during the hardest times even if momentarily. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.” — Charles R. Swindoll

Take a Moment

Allow yourself to step away and regroup. Taking a break can mean anything from taking a walk, going to the restroom, excusing yourself from a conversation, turning off your phone, signing out of social media, rescheduling a meeting/appointment, listening to music, etc. Anything that pauses the issue/stress while you decompress can be vital to your sanity. You are allowed a moment to yourself; don't deny yourself of that right.

Way Up! I Feel Blessed

Take a moment and think about all the blessings in your life. Find a quiet place, grab pen and paper and write down the wonderful things, the blessings, in your life. Reread your life and bask in the beautiful blessings bestowed upon you.

“No” is your best friend

Once you realize you can’t be everything to everyone; no will be your new best friend. Stretching yourself thin for everyone will leave you empty for yourself. Saying no to others gives you the opportunity to say YES to you and your passions, hobbies and joy.

Practice the Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer is a known prayer whether its from recovery or from it’s huge cultural impact. It’s a simple yet powerful and motivational prayer. Living by the Serenity Prayer will help you learn the difference between the things we can and cannot control. It teaches us to make the best of what we have and where we are in our life which alleviates the self-made stress and stop getting in our own way. We place our time on energy on change that’s in our control.

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