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2020 Talk To Me Nice!

As the year 2019 comes to an end I would like to say GOOD RIDDANCE! :) 2019 has been difficult; yes of course there were good times and memorable moments however there were many tough times that I needed to experience to grow. As I move into 2020, I want to reflect on what I learned from 2019. I try and make it a practice to have a positive outlook/mindset at all times..

Here’s what I will not be doing in 2020:

Fight Alone

In 2019, I fought a lot of battles by myself by choice of course. I am typically an open book and share my thoughts, feelings and concerns freely however by the mid/end of 2019 I just didn’t feel like talking for many reasons but mainly because I wasn’t even 100% sure what to say. So in 2020, I will be resuming therapy so I can process all my thoughts, feelings and actions. & Yes I still have my family and friends and most importantly my Heavenly Father. Seek Help; when needed!

Be Inconsistent

I am Queen of Planning; however my follow through isn’t so good. I’ve made weekly schedules and probably followed it for a week. I started Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and have restarted about five times so far. I started this blog and after like three months stopped writing. I start meal prep planning and never did it. I started my health kick and yeah that went nowhere. I’m aware that there are reasons behind my procrastination however in 2020 I want to push through all the obstacles and make things happen because my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness is my top priority and I have to work daily to ensure I achieve it.

Paint My Own Picture

The late great Maya Angelou said “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” It’s a pretty simple concept, not sure why I can’t grasp it. LOL. Now let me be clear people showing who they are or what they are about does not always make them bad people they just may not be what you want or need at that moment and that’s okay but accept it and move on and don’t paint a picture that is not there. This doesn’t only apply to romantic relationships this goes for friends, coworkers, family members, etc. People are who they are and do what they want to, recognize it and accept it and if doesn’t work with you WALK AWAY. Stop watering dead flowers it’s pointless #trustme

Expect Men to Live Up to a Standard Never Set

I’ve always wondered if it was dating in this century or dating in NYC that was so difficult. I still don’t know but what I do know thanks to my two male friends (Charles & Tom) is that dating for me has always been difficult because I never a standard/bar for men to live up to or work towards. I start dating and/or getting into these situationships with no clear direction and then wonder why I am still single after months or years. It’s because I’ve allowed the game to be played any which way and then at the end expect a trophy however there were never any rules discussed. Moving forward with time and therapy my outlook and way in which I date will change.

Be Financially Irresponsible

I be swiping my debit card like it’s an unlimited metro-card. In 2020, I am going to start being more mindful when it comes to my spending. As my mother always says “You don’t have to accept every invitation”. Yes, I want and will have a social life however I also want and need a savings account so I will save more and be committed and dedicated to achieving my goals. Shout out to “The Ramsey Baby Steps Community” Facebook Group; they are my motivation to get my finances under control as I aim to be “Debt Free” (Check Out the Group)

Going Hard for People I Can't Turn to

I am the go to person for many and I love that. I love being there for people so I don’t want this to be misunderstood. If I am your person I will always be your person. However what I will not do is go hard and be there for people who I can’t even call for a cup of water. No More Overextending!

With all that being said and a lot unsaid 2020 here I come!!!!!!! I live everyday to be a better Shaniqua. I think I’m doing a good job!

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