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Dr. Shainna Ali & The Self Love Workbook

This month's spotlight goes to Dr. Shainna Ali & her life-changing book, The Self Love Workbook. I am shining the light on this book because it has personally changed my life and helped me increase and recognize my self-esteem and self worth as I take this personal journey to genuine happiness.

Who is Dr. Shainna Ali?

I am a mental health counselor, educator, and advocate. My passion is destigmatizing mental health counseling and helping individuals worldwide recognize the importance of fostering mental wellness. I am an author of The Self-Love Workbook: A Life-Changing Guide to Boost Self-Esteem, Recognize Your Worth, and Find Genuine Happiness. I am also have a Psychology Today-hosted blog, A Modern Mentality, which promotes mental health awareness in an effort to improve mental wellness across the globe. In addition, I am also an active blog contributor the American Counseling Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. As a mental health advocate, I have been featured in outlets such as on ABC, NBC, Yahoo, Bustle, NPR, The Washington Post, and The Insider. I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida, a nationally-certified clinician, and an approved clinical supervisor. I am the owner and operator of Integrated Counseling Solutions, LLC, a strengths-based clinical mental health and consulting practice located in Downtown Orlando.

What is the “The Self Love Workbook”?

The Self Love Workbook is a practical guide to assist individuals on their journey to understanding, exploring, and improving their self-love. It is comprised of educational information, strategies, prompts, and activities to aid individuals in exploring and improving self-love.

What inspired you to create “The Self Love Workbook”?

I began to learn the lesson of Self-Love about a decade ago. The concept was mostly foreign, but as I began to apply it to my life, there were undeniable changes in my mental wellness and quality of life. As I grew into a mental health therapist and counselor educator, my scope expanded. I realized that many others struggled to understand and incorporate self-love as well. I began to develop a method that was empirically-informed yet personal, and soon after began using this to help clients and students as well. I realized that this practical guide could be helpful for many others, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share the workbook to help others as well.

Why is self-love important?

First, it might be important to note that I believe that self-love differs from person to person. While we all need to invest in ourselves in order to lead happy and healthy lives, that may look different for you and someone else. Therefore, I believe the essentiality of self-love may vary as well. On top of this, our need for self-love may intensify at certain areas in our lives as well. For example, if you decide to leave a long-term abusive relationship, you may need more self-love at that time compared to when you find a healthy relationship that fosters your well-being.

What are the key components to self- love?

I conceptualize self-love as having seven essential segments: awareness, exploration, care, esteem, kindness, respect, and growth.

Describe “The Self Love Workbook” in two words.

Worthwhile journey.

What was your experience/feelings/emotions while developing this workbook?

This was an emotional journey for me. I was excited to take on the endeavor, but I was also worried that others would not find it as applicable and useful others have to-date. I caught myself pausing, stepping back, and laughing a few times at the reality that the writing process was giving me many opportunities to practice my own self-love.

What can readers expect to experience while reading and completing this workbook?

A common remark I have heard from workbook users is, “It’s harder than it seems.” Sometimes when we think of the word workbook we might think that it provides an easy, quick route to an important lesson. The workbook was created to be a guide, but you are the one who has to walk the path. Also, the topics may seem simple on the surface, but may be more complicated in actuality. Keep in mind that hitting in to obstacles along the way is certainly normal. Practice the self-loving act of kindness and allow yourself the space to revisit the lesson. Also, keep in mind that the workbook may help you uncover areas of your healing that may warrant professional help. The workbook is in no way intended to replace the help provided by a trained professional.

Why was it important for you to take a workbook/journal approach?

Self-love is an individualized process. In order to honor the uniqueness of each individual I wanted to create a thorough guide, but I did not want to convey that there is one right way. I feared that a traditional approach would cause readers to apply my approach, and would not allow themselves to honor their own individuality.

Where can “The Self Love Workbook” be purchased?

The Self-Love Workbook is available through:


Barnes & Noble




What’s next? What’s your next project?

I’m excited to be offering self-love workshops both in traditional and online formats.

How can my fellow journeyers follow you?


Instagram @DrShainna

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